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Pool & Spa Chemicals

A swimming pool that is not property maintained and balanced will quickly disappoint you!

To keep your pool crystal clear, sparkling and safe to swim in you will need pool chemicals.

Thankfully proper maintenance of your swimming pool or hot tub doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. Hollandia Pools and Spas carry the full line-up of Dazzle water care, swimming pool and hot tub chemicals that are not only green but highly effective.

Come visit our water care experts for a free computer analysis of your water and step by step instructions on the required treatment and steps you need to take to ensure your pool water is good to go!

Jandy Stealth

Jandy VS FloPro

Jandy VS Plus HP

IntelliFlo VSF

IntelliPro VSF

IntelliFlo VS+SVRS

IntelliPro XF

SuperMax VS


Max-E-Pro XF

SuperFlo VS

Pool Pumps

Pool Filters

Pool Heaters

Pool Cleaners

Pool & Spa Chemicals

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