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Swimming Pool Pumps

The right pool pump is critical for circulating the water and chemicals in a pool. Also, bigger is not always better. Beyond the fact that using too large a pump is akin to throwing money away (both in initial as well as ongoing energy costs), pumps that are too large for your pool can cause clouding of water as well as damage filters.

Swimming Pool Filters

There are few things as disappointing as murky and cloudy water in a swimming pool. Fortunately, maintaining a crystal clear and sparkling swimming pool has never been easier than with the current generation of pool filters. Each filter type has it’s advantages, and Hollandia Pools can offer our expertise in recommending the best option for your pool.

Swimming Pool Heaters

After making the investment of a backyard swimming pool, your family wants to enjoy it as much as possible. As Canadians, we know that our weather conditions can be somewhat irregular. Installing a high efficiency gas pool heater can significantly extend the swimming pool season.

Swimming Pool Cleaners

When choosing a swimming pool cleaner, there are a few factors to take into consideration, with different styles offering particular advantages. Whether it’s a basic manual vacuum, or the most elaborate robotic model, the experts at Hollandia Pools can help you determine the best cleaner to suit your needs and budget.

Swimming Pool and Spa Chemicals

At Hollandia Pools & Spas, we are experts in keeping your pool and spa water safe, clean and sparkling clear. Proper maintenance of your swimming pool or hot tub doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. We carry the full line-up of Dazzle water care, swimming pool and hot tub chemicals that are not only green but highly effective. Come visit our water care experts for a free computer analysis of your water and step by step instructions on treatment.
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