Getting Started

Five Steps to Building Your Backyard Retreat

Making dreams come true, one patio stone at a time.
The decision to transform your backyard into a serene oasis can seem overwhelming, but our amazing team of professionals will take care of each and every detail to ensure your dream becomes your reality. From the design to the permits, ordering materials to hiring specialized tradesmen, leave the particulars with us.

Vision Consultation

As you begin the journey to create your dream oasis, our consultation team will meet with you to discuss your vision, survey the area and make suggestions based on their experience. We will share current design trends and share a variety of options to help develop your plan. This will help define the scope of the project and determine the budget required to complete all of the elements.


Our design team will use the notes from the consultation to propose their ideas for layout and arrangement. Not only will they understand the aesthetics and artistic elements of the space but also the technical requirements. Careful measurements and attention to existing structures and landscaping will be incorporated into the design. Your designer will listen to your input and work with you to come up with a plan that meets your vision and your budget.

Tech Specs

Once the design is finalized, one of our technicians will complete an on-site survey of the area. The technician will ensure accurate measurements, uncover possible issues and confirm all guidelines and codes will be met. We will take care of obtaining the proper permits required to proceed with the project.


This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! When permits are issued, construction can begin. The process starts with excavation followed by installation of plumbing and electrical, a reinforcement steel frame, and the pool structure. There are a variety of steps involved with the pool installation and they vary slightly depending on the options you have chosen. Whether it’s concrete or vinyl, our team is always current with the latest trends and technology for pools and spas and will ensure your pool installation meets all of our rigorous criteria.

The Details

The pool may be just one element to your overall vision. Following installation, the details are what really sets your project apart. 

With your pool now filled and ready to enjoy, our technician will confirm all equipment is working properly. Our team will train you on proper pool maintenance, safety and how to use any special features. A pool can be a beautiful addition to your family’s home but it brings with it the danger of water, so we want to ensure your family understands how they can safely enjoy this new feature. Now you’re ready to enjoy the lazy days of summer, relaxing in the comfort of your own yard!

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