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Pool Heaters

No one wants to swim in a cold swimming pool.

 While it comes as no surprise to anyone, when you combine the fact that we live in a country with a limited swimming season, and the reality that even during our swimming season, Canadian weather can swing quickly (meaning that even when you finally get your pool nice and warm, one cold evening can drop your pool temperature just as quickly… much faster actually).

 So if your water temperature (or lack thereof) is keeping you from enjoying your swimming pool as often (and as for as many months) as you’d like, there is a fast way to correct this…

 Enter the swimming pool heater!

 Hollandia Pools in London offers a full range of options to meet any and all needs, and keep your swimming pool nice and warm for whenever you want to jump in!

JXI Heater

Max-E-Therm Heater

Jandy VS Plus HP

IntelliFlo VSF

IntelliPro VSF

IntelliFlo VS+SVRS

IntelliPro XF

SuperMax VS


Max-E-Pro XF

SuperFlo VS

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