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Pool Cleaners

Having a pool is awesome!

Cleaning a swimming pool… not quite so awesome.

Thankfully there are pool cleaners that either make this task easier, or even all but eliminate any effort from your end!

When choosing a swimming pool cleaner, there are a few factors you will need to take into consideration, thanks to the different pool cleaner options and each models particular advantages.

So whether you choose a more basic manual vacuum, or the most elaborate robotic/ remote controlled model, the experts at Hollandia Pools can help you determine the best cleaner to suit your needs and budget.

Polaris P945

Polaris P955

Polaris VRX™️ iQ+

Polaris P965iQ

Dolphin Wave 80

Dolphin Wave 100

IntelliPro XF

SuperMax VS


Max-E-Pro XF

SuperFlo VS

Pool Pumps

Pool Filters

Pool Heaters

Pool Cleaners

Pool & Spa Chemicals

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