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Benefits of concrete swimming pools

Anyone who decides they want to install a swimming pool in their yard will quickly find out there are no shortage of decisions to be made, the first of which is “what kind of pool” you want to go with.

There are primarily 4 types of swimming pools you can choose from, these include…

  • Above ground pools
  • Fibreglass pools
  • Vinyl liner
  • Concrete pools

The next inevitable next question is “which type of pool is best?”.

The answer to that is easy, concrete swimming pools are the best of the bunch.

While Hollandia Pools also builds/ installs vinyl liner pools, we pride ourselves on our reputation as a world class concrete pool company. We have decades of experience building/ designing and installing them and over time we’ve learned that while concrete pools have many pros there really is only one con.


Concrete pools are typically the most expensive option, but once you read the following, you’ll understand that when it comes to swimming pools you definitely “get what you pay for”.

So why do we say concrete pools so much better?

  1. Durability: Not surprisingly, concrete is the strongest and most durable material that any of the mentioned pool types offered, and they stand the test of time better than the rest. Concrete pools are built to last, and with proper basic maintenance you can easily get decades out of a well-built concrete pool.
  1. Customizable: No matter the size and shape you want; a concrete pool can be customized to work. So, whether you want a unique design or have yard/ space limitations a concrete pool will most likely offer the flexibility you need.
  1. Aesthetics: While anything is arguable, in our and many others’ opinions, concrete pools offer a classic and sophisticated look that improve your yards aesthetics better than any other type of pool. The reason for this is with concrete pools you can have a range of finishing options that include things such as tile, aggregate and plaster all of which can create different textures and colours.
  1. Home Value: A well built and maintained concrete pool can add value to your home and increase its potential resale value.

So, if you are looking for a low maintenance investment that can increase your home’s value/ resale and give you countless hours of joy, family fun and exercise, a concrete pool most likely fits that bill!

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