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Dimension One Spas

Engineered with passion, purpose and performance for over 35 years, we build around the most important feature—you.

Explore below to see why Dimension One Spas is unlike any hot tub in the world.

Bay® Collection

Indulge in the finest hot tubs Dimension One Spas® has to offer. From quality and design to innovation and power, every aspect of your hot tub experience has been refined so you can experience extraordinary. Click to learn more

Reflections® Collection

Combine the science of hydronomics and advanced engineering and what do you get? Dimension One Spas’ performance line: ten unique hot tubs for a truly rejuvenating experience. Click to learn more

@Home Collection

Dimension One Spas’ @Home Collection combines affordable style, quality, and performance. Whether for relaxing, family fun, wellness or romance, our @Home Collection offers something for everyone.
Click to learn more

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